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'ello, 'ello...

I love this community already!

I've been spoiled the last two summers, BBC America is my favorite channel. I was introduced to British comedy when I was really young. I started watching Are You Being Served when I was ten or so, same time as I started to enjoy Monty Python.

I much prefer British comedy to anything else, though I'm starting to enjoy Red Cap. When I grow up (Shhh.... 21 is hardly grown up) I want to kick that much butt.

Anywho, as I've already left a comment relating to licking Michael Palin, my work here is done.
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Ahhhh I hate you! I wish I had BBC........arg..I am stuck watching stuff on Pbs and depending on my local library. Yea but I used to watch are you being served when I was really little too! And I tried to show it to my friends a couple months ago and they just didn't get it sadly. Ah well.
P.S. Did you say licking or liking? I hope licking myself...o hahah
Im from the uk so i get bbc anyway =D, i luv blak adder n fawlty towers. Sum american shows ive seen r kool 2 tho. for instance friends (obviously), simpsons (incredibly obviously) n will n grace! Mony Python rules. The cartoons r seriously random tho =P