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08:59pm 24/05/2005
  does anybody know where i can download the BBC documentary "The Dying Rooms" or "Return to the Dying Rooms" about the One Child Policy in China?  
07:35pm 20/04/2005
  Hi! if any of you liked the Casanova series on bbc, theres a new community _bbc_casanova

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Uncle Greg 
01:11am 04/02/2004
  It's been days now, and still no one has mentioned Greg's departure.

I wonder what innovations his successor will bring about.
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02:18pm 06/11/2003
mood: amused
Hey take my Rowan Quiz
A show not yet discussed 
11:30am 01/11/2003
mood: excited
I have some old BBC distrubution tapes of Black Adder. There are 4 tapes in all, and they have diffrent Eras featured per tape. I wondered, who else loves Black Adder

::sings:: Back Adder, Back Adder, he's really really mean!
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'ello, 'ello... 
04:07am 29/07/2003
mood: ditzy
I love this community already!

I've been spoiled the last two summers, BBC America is my favorite channel. I was introduced to British comedy when I was really young. I started watching Are You Being Served when I was ten or so, same time as I started to enjoy Monty Python.

I much prefer British comedy to anything else, though I'm starting to enjoy Red Cap. When I grow up (Shhh.... 21 is hardly grown up) I want to kick that much butt.

Anywho, as I've already left a comment relating to licking Michael Palin, my work here is done.
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04:10pm 27/07/2003
mood: hyper
oh, my favorite bbc personality also happens to be my favorite python.. michael palin. his travel documentaries are amazing. he's got a great way of telling a story. and at 60 years old, he's still a cutie.
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Omigosh! I'm making a post that has content! I NEVER do that! 
10:42pm 26/07/2003
mood: chipper
So, you all seem like girls, who's your favorite BBC fella?

I'd have to say a tie between Michael Palin and Anthony Stewart Head.
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eh, em, hi there 
07:54pm 26/07/2003
  Oh dude. *worships* Thank you for creating a community working snogging :D

I love the BBC. I don't have the BBC. I want the BBC due to the fact I love Britain and British men and British TV, namely Monty Python.

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02:04pm 26/07/2003
I made a new community!
Let's hope it doesn't fail as badly as carol_cleveland did!

Hope hope
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